Festive edition of Pilgrim Rabbit out today

We publish a bumper issue of our heritage newsletter, looking back on a pivotal year in the restoration of St Mary’s. The feature article profiles one remarkable women from Beverley’s history: Elizabeth Lambert (1791-1830) – an artist, and St Mary’s organist at a time when female organists of major churches in England were extremely rare.

Drawing of a leaping hare by Elizabeth Lambert, from the scrap book of her artworks in the Treasure House

We preview the next phase in the conservation of St Mary’s, spotlight some recent successes on social media, and consider aspects of nature in and around our beautiful building, plus much more.

In her piece The Merchants of Beverley and the Tudor Age, Eva La Pensée explores the part that international commerce played in Renaissance Beverley. We’re reminded that the history of St Mary’s is inextricably linked to the town’s mercantile history. And so let us pray for a period of cultural, artistic, political, economic, and environmental “rebirth” here and around the world following the pandemic.

A panel painted by Woodmansey Primary School in our Giant Advent Calendar

We hope that our newsletters contribute to a flourishing in the appreciation of St Mary’s incredible heritage. This edition has also been printed, and paper copies will be available to pick up in the church soon. We would be delighted to deliver a printed copy direct to your doorstep. Please let us know your name and address using the form below if you’d like to receive a printed version of the newsletter: