New book featuring roof bosses of St Mary’s

Samuel Hieronymous Grimm, Coronation Procession of Edward VI © The Society of Antiquaries. Perhaps the temporary ‘castles’ which lined the streets of Beverley during the guild plays looked like those in this watercolour (an 18th century copy of a mural destroyed in a fire, showing the London coronation procession of Edward VI in 1547)?

On sale from today in our bookshop is a local history book which sheds new light on mystery plays and religious processions in medieval and Tudor Beverley. Written by Barbara English & Kloskk Tyrer, this vivid account of festivals and guilds in Beverley in the later middle ages includes some fascinating links to – and incredible photographs of – the roof bosses of St Mary’s from the 1520s.

Published in 2021 by the Beverley & District Civic Society, Foods, Feasts & Festivals also provides a vivid account of feasts of the Percy earls of Northumberland at their two castles in the East Riding (Leconfield & Wressle) in the sixteenth century.

Buy your copy today and feast your eyes on this richly illustrated exposition of life in and around medieval and Tudor Beverley.

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