News from our heritage projects

  • School visits to St Mary’s
    St Mary’s Church is a wonderful place for an educational visit. New content has been added to our website to make arranging your school’s visit to St Mary’s even easier. Explore the new pages here and start planning your visit.
  • Musical pigs and their meaning
    Why on earth are pigs merrily serenading us from the roof of St Mary’s? What could be the reason? In her 4th blog on our curious carvings, Bryony Wild examines St Mary’s musical pigs and their meaning.
  • Carvings of local heroes and global pioneers commissioned to replace damaged stonework
    Our press release about the new stone carvings at St Mary’s
  • Similarities and differences in the roof bosses
    Look again! In her third blog on the roof bosses of St Mary’s, Bryony Wilde examines the sense of deja-vu created by repeating sculptures and craftsmen.
  • Merchant influence in the church: public displays of wealth, piety and charity
    The second in a new series of fortnightly blogs exploring St Mary’s curious carvings. Written by Bryony Wilde, a recent Art History graduate of the University of York.
  • Why are roof bosses important? What can they tell us?
    The first in a new series of fortnightly blogs exploring St Mary’s curious carvings. Written by Bryony Wilde, a recent Art History graduate of the University of York.
  • New findings on St Mary’s history emerge from student projects
    Students from the University of York are helping to shed light on the church’s heritage, in particular its remarkable collection of Tudor and medieval roof bosses.
  • Discoveries from the current restoration of St Mary’s
    For the first time in living memory, fine details of the carvings high up on the south nave clerestory can be seen
  • Our online shop is now open
    With a select range of books about St Mary’s and Beverley, and some choice souvenirs, we’re delighted to announce that our virtual bookstall is now open. Items on sale at include our latest publication, Curious Carvings: The Roof Bosses Of St Mary’s, plus postcards,…
  • Festive edition of Pilgrim Rabbit out today
    We publish a bumper issue of our heritage newsletter, looking back on a pivotal year in the restoration of St Mary’s. The feature article profiles one remarkable women from Beverley’s history: Elizabeth Lambert (1791-1830) – an artist, and St Mary’s organist at a time when…
  • St Mary’s & the Minster team up to bring “Giant Advent Calendar” to Beverley this December
    A “Giant Advent Calendar” will adorn the hoarding up at both Beverley Minster and St Mary’s this December. Beverley’s two great churches – both of which are undergoing urgent restoration – have joined forces for this major community arts project which will see people from…
  • Digital exhibition now open!
    The online version of Reform Rebellion Restoration is now open, providing 24-hour virtual access to all of the historical information and images of all of the portraits in the exhibition. Click on the image below to enter the digital exhibition: The exhibition is a special…
  • Curious Carvings
    Today, we publish ‘Curious Carvings: The Roof Bosses of St Mary’s Beverley’. Written by Dr Jennie England, the book provides interpretations of thirty of the Tudor and medieval bosses which adorn the church’s ceilings. St Mary’s collection of over 600 intricate, colourful and curious roof…
  • Latest video podcast about St Mary’s heritage out now: Beverley’s secret museum; the hidden ‘Priests’ Rooms’
    On 21st August 2020, the latest film about St Mary’s heritage was released. Written and presented by Dr Jennie England, it focuses on one St Mary’s lesser known treasurers, the so-called ‘Priests’ Rooms’. Watch the short video podcast to find out more about this ‘cabinet…
  • The latest Pilgrim Rabbit newsletter is out now: a feature length ‘Gothic’ edition all about Pugin
    Today we publish the latest edition of our heritage newsletter, The Pilgrim Rabbit. This special edition profiles the troubled genius Augustus Pugin, who was St Mary’s architect from 1844 until his death in 1852. A fascinating and hugely influential figure, the article looks at Pugin’s…
  • St Mary’s in the news
    On Monday 22nd June, news broke in the media of St Mary’s new Narnia carvings being made as part of its Curious Carvings project to restore the stonework of the north nave clerestory. Media outlets which have covered the story include The Church Times, The…
  • New history pages
    St Mary’s has a remarkable history stretching across nine centuries, featuring myths and legends, plague and prosperity, ancient stone and noble English oak, kings and queens, merchants, musicians, craftsmen, brewers, beavers and the people of Beverley who have adopted St Mary’s as the town’s church…
  • Beastly bosses!
    Among the hundreds of carvings on the ceilings of St Mary’s are some mythical creatures. In her latest video podcast published today, Jennie England tells the story of two of these strange beasts. Watch it here: We are currently delivering a major restoration project which…
  • Heritage & Restoration
    Find out more about the heritage of St Mary’s and our major proposed programme of works to restore the badly-weathered stonework of the entire church within 10 years, starting with the north nave clerestory in 2020. That initial phase of the restoration focuses on St…
  • Latest Pilgrim Rabbit newsletter published today: with feature article about Philip Larkin, St Mary’s & Beverley
    Philip Larkin, one of the greatest English poets of the twentieth century, started visiting Beverley soon after he arrived in Hull in 1955 to take up his position as Librarian at the University of Hull. Philip Pullen’s biographical research into Larkin’s associations with Beverley and…
  • Explore all 688 medieval and Tudor roof bosses on the ceilings of St Mary’s
    Today, we launch a visual database which enables people to see St Mary’s remarkable collection of roof bosses in its entirety for the first time – in close detail.
  • Narnia comes to St Mary’s Church
    Characters from The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis are being carved in stone for exterior walls of the church. The carvings are being made as part of the project to restore St Mary’s crumbling stonework. Click on the image below to visit the new…