The Lion, the Unicorn and Me

Artwork for the project by Katy Cobb @wallthingsbrightandbeautiful

In December 2020, St Mary’s is presenting a very special Christmas project for children and families in the East Riding based on The Lion, the Unicorn and Me by Jeanette Winterson.

In this beautifully evocative retelling of the story of the very first Christmas, the humble donkey is chosen out of all the other animals, including the kingly lion and the proud unicorn. As his journey unfolds, he is touched by the magic and mystery of the Nativity…

Watch the whole film

This Christmas, families can watch the 20-minute film of our production of this heart-warming story – which we’ve made especially for Christmas 2020. Directed by Katherine Marriott and starring Richard Avery as the lion, and Gordon Meredith as the donkey, the film was recorded in high-definition in St Mary’s. It is available to watch on YouTube for free from home for a limited period only – from 11th – 31st December.

Read the story

Read the short story – a fresh, comical and moving Christmas Nativity Story for children, full of the magic that is Christmas – for free on the award-winning author’s website. Jeanette Winterson wrote the story in a single night. It was first published by The Times as a Christmas story and later became a picture book.

Download activity booklet

Download our free activity booklet for the project, full of things for children to do inspired by the story. (Please wait a few seconds as the file is 57MB.)

Rosie MacCurrach’s illustrations

The picture book published by Scholastic in 2009 was illustrated by Rosie MacCurrach. Rosie’s beautiful illustrations sparkle with originality, humour and warmth. You can see them on her website here:

Get hold of a copy of the book

Below are links to two online booksellers (others are available and can be searched for via and a link to, a resource to help find items in libraries near you:

Artwork for the project by Katy Cobb @wallthingsbrightandbeautiful