For generations people have come to St Mary’s for marriage. Getting married in church has been important to many of them because it allows a couple to make their promises to each other in the sight of God and also to ask for God’s blessing on their future lives.

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. For many people it is the most important day of their life. There are all sorts of decisions to be made about how that marriage is to be celebrated, including where to get married.

Some questions people often ask are:

I am interested in getting married at St Mary’s. What do I do next?

Having decided you want a church wedding, the first thing to do is to come to church for the Sunday morning service at 9am or 11am or contact the Vicar.

If you live in our parish you must have your banns read out in church for three Sundays during the three month before the wedding. If you do not live in the parish but would still like to get married at St Mary’s there are special rules so you will need to talk to the vicar.

One or both of us are divorced. Can we get married at St Mary’s?

YES although the marriage service makes it clear that marriage is for life, we recognize that sometimes things can go wrong despite our best efforts and intentions. At St Mary’s we wish to show care for those who honestly want to try again. Please speak to the vicar if you are divorced and would like to get married at St Mary’s.

What about flowers for the wedding?

We have some wonderfully talented people who can arrange flowers for weddings.

What about the cost?

The figure for marrying in 2023 breaks down as follows for couples marrying in their own parish (i.e. in St Mary’s Parish):

  • the fee set by law payable to the church: £528
  • having your banns read at the home church: £36

Total for marrying at St Mary’s (providing you both live in our parish) in 2023: £564

If a couple marry in 2023 here who live away from where they live, the cost breaks down like this:-

  • the fee set by law payable to the marrying church: £528
  • having your banns read in the marrying church £36
  • having your banns read at your home church: £36
  • the banns certificate from your home church: £18

Total for marrying outside your parish in 2023: £618

Optional Extras

There are additional charges for other things you might like (these are optional):

Organ £115

Choir £160

Bells £200

Flowers £100 (per display)

Verger £35 (if you chose not to have a verger we will rely on volunteers/ushers from your party to undertake vital tasks for the service)

Heating £45 (recommended Sept-April)

What people say about weddings at St Mary’s….

Just wanted to send thanks to everyone at St Mary’s for making our daughters wedding so special. Could you please pass on special thanks to Rev Becky Lumley for a lovely service and putting them both at ease (even when Joanne forgot which hand to put the ring on!), also the choir who sounded beautiful, and we think it was Lavinia Raynor who did the flowers – they were stunning and to Judith Fleming who helped on the day and in the rehearsal. Also to Catherine for organising them both.

You were all so kind and patient and many people commented on how nice the service was and obviously what a beautiful church St Mary’s really is. We are all still on cloud nine 4 weeks later.