Poems inspired by the bosses

A poem by Edward Norman

April 2020

I look up
I see you twinkling down
Up so high
So near and yet so far away
Lost in space and time

I don’t know who you are
I want to reach out
And meet you
To understand
To decode
Your messages
Embossed in images
Of imagination
So many years ago

We bring you, dear Bosses, to our lives
By lens
We draw you gently down
Through time
We gaze in wonder

We are curious
We sense a magic
A mystery
Do you belong to us today?
Or are you just decorations
Of a yesteryear?
Powerful in your colour
Enigmatic in your symbolism

The intent of your creation
Life perspectives from a past
We never knew
We can only guess
The lessons and the meaning
Your purpose
What you want the world to see

The more we look at you
We see what you believed
The word of God
Is in everything
Transcending space and time
Informing us
That we all have meaning
Your eternal symbols
Infinitely wise
Are here for each of us
To absorb
And understand just what
You have to say

We are not here to disturb you
Or play upon the purity of your thought
We are here to bring to light
From the shadows
Of where you rest
A fresh enlightenment

To our world
That needs your clarion call so much
To tell us
That our world is Yours, dear Lord
And life’s rich fabric
That you Bosses share
Holds a meaning
For whoever we are
Wherever we are
In all our lives today