Bringing to life an unused shop in the summer of 2020

The artist Emma Garness with master stonemason Matthias Garn, stonemason Alex Adams and apprentice stonemason Will Hague. Pictured in July 2020 outside ‘Streamers’ on North Bar Within – the empty shop we turned into Narnia in the summer of 2020.

From 18th July to 10 September 2020 we displayed the Narnia carvings in the windows of an empty shop near the church.

This page is a photo diary of the pop-up project, including the setup of the display and the changeover of carvings during the summer. We are hugely grateful to the owners of ‘Streamers’ for having made it possible, to artist Emma Garness for the wonderful backdrops, to designer Mark Atkinson for the display panels and posters, master stonemason Matthias Garn and his team for displaying the carvings, plaster casters, drawings and tools, and to the people of Beverley and the surrounding area for getting behind it.

After the Narnia display finished we converted the pop-up into an outpost of our Tudor portrait exhibition Reform Rebellion Restoration (more info. about that project here) – which also features in this photo diary.


Displays & changeovers

Bishop’s visit & close down

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